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Join the Tiger Team!

If you want to form part of our team and wish to learn about responsibilities and requirements, please read this recruitment letter. Also, visit our student membership page for other ways to participate.

About the Tiger Team

Named for our passion for transit, the California State University Northridge student-intern chapter of the Transit Coalition tackles pressing mass-transit and mobility issues in the San Fernando Valley with never before seen ferocity. Utilizing community integration, technological prowess, and tiger-like strength  - the team is currently undertaking an ambitious study of Sylmar Metrolink,  Metro Lines 230 and 236 and its connectivity to surrounding regional centers for the people of Los Angeles. By May, a report detailing our recommendations  will be published for all future students, community leaders, advocacy groups, and the online community.  It is our belief that this report will spark an active, on-going discussion, ultimately leading to well-planned action.

The Northeastern San Fernando Valley Transit Study

The Tiger team began early 2012 studying and consulting with transit users, the City of San Fernando, Sylmar Neighborhood Council ,Los Angeles, Metro , Metrolink, LA Mission College and the Chambers of Commerce for Sylmar + San Fernando regarding current transit service , how/if it meets current needs of the Community and where crucial- infrastructure connected to the success of the services is needed to comply with federal, state and local law. We have been on the line first hand and understand there is a desire for much needed improvement and innovative solutions to a variety of issues. We have gained the support and started productive- dialogue with transportation providers in aims of improving transit services.

The team has bgun publishing the first Phase 1 of the Northeastern SFV Transit Accessibility Study findings: detailing the problems, where they're at, and possible solutions. Please check back regularly in early to mid-June for the final report..

Various online components will be dynamically updated as it becomes available.

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