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Proposition 1A

The Transit Coalition Supports the Passage of Proposition 1A

Proposition 1A will bring Californians a safe, convenient, affordable and reliable alternative to soaring gasoline prices, freeway congestion, rising airfares, plummeting airline service and fewer flights available. It will reduce California's dependence on foreign oil and reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Proposition 1A is a $9.95 billion bond measure for an 800-mile High-Speed Train network that will relieve 70 million passenger trips a year that now clog California's highways and airports, without raising taxes.

California will be the first state in the country to benefit from environmentally preferred High-Speed Trains common today in Europe and Asia.

We invite you to get involved with the Transit Coalition and help us increase public awareness of this initiative. Visit the Get Involved section to learn how you can make a difference for High Speed Rail.

Help us achieve our goal to build and develop a mobile California. Join the Transit Coalition to help us pass Proposition 1A and get involved today!

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