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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Transit Coalition is a broad based group of concerned citizens mobilized to passionately demonstrate community support for the economic development and continuing operation of improved transportation.


The Transit Coalition works to develop a safe, integrated, cost effective and environmentally sound public transportation system for the greater Los Angeles region. The Transit Coalition realizes that government must not only look at the tangible cost of running and building a public transportation network, but also the intangible benefits that such a system provides, such as better health, less pollution, reasonable travel time, ease of use, coordinated schedules with a minimum amount of transferring between routes. Our efforts at education and outreach highlight congestion relief opportunities and mobility alternatives that will allow the area to move forward to reach full potential as a dynamic, culturally advanced and livable world-class region.

Vision for 2020

The Transit Coalition Executive Director Bart Reed conducts a field study of the proposed site of the Sylmar / LAX Flyaway bus terminal on undeveloped land far from any public transit connections.
  • New urban rail lines throughout Los Angeles, including via Wilshire Blvd., the Crenshaw/LAX corridor, and the Metro Downtown Regional Connector.

  • Increased, frequent Metrolink service, including at late nights and weekends, that connects to regional airports.

  • Bike paths and walking trails next to transit rights-of-way, coastal areas and other Southern California scenic locations.

  • Additional bike rack capacity on buses and trains and adequate bike storage lockers at transit stations and other popular spots.

  • Noise and weather protection for bus and rail transit stations along freeways.

  • Installation of benches and functional transit shelters along bus and rail routes.

  • Additional park-and-ride locations and expansion of overflowing parking lots.

  • Intelligent, accurate signage and current transit schedules at transit stations.

  • Enhanced bus and rail scheduling at transfer hubs to minimize waiting time.

  • Continued interest on major transit projects to prevent delays, cancellations and construction cost increases.

  • Landscaping, art and comfort installations as appropriate at key transit stations, as well as appropriate mitigation along transit corridors.

  • Improved rider safety and security at stops and onboard transit vehicles.
  • Transit-oriented development (TOD) for a more pedestrian-friendly environment and decreased reliance on the automobile.
The Transit Coalition President Dr. Ken Alpern M.D. assisted by Executive Director Bart Reed presiding over a typical dinner meeting at Philippe the Original discussing the improvement of public transportation in the Southern California region.

The Transit Coalition is not affiliated with any public entity or private organization.
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