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We Want Toll Lanes Done Right

Metro ExpressLanes and other Southern California
HOT Lanes Need Free Non-Transponder Carpooling

Transportation officials are working on major proposals to bring in a network of tolled express lanes (also known as High Occupancy Toll or "HOT" Lanes) to Southern California freeways.

The Transit Coalition generally supports multi-modal express lanes and congestion pricing. Such facilities can provide a quick and easy throughfare for carpools, public express buses, private-sector coaches, and solo motorists willing to pay a toll.

The Transit Coalition believes that it is essential for carpools to have free access to these lanes without a requirement for transponders and objects to toll policies that would result in a reduction of carpools instead of single occupancy vehicles.

Fix these HOT Lanes: Planned or Existing corridors which should adopt Free Non-Transponder Carpooling:
These facilities each require all patrons to have a FasTrak transponder regardless of the number of persons in the vehicle. These policies cause an underperformance of the potential of these lanes based on a study by UC Berkeley.

HOT Lanes that work: Nationwide Facilities with Free Non-Transponder Carpooling Policies:
These toll lane corridors allow for carpools, vanpools and private buses to have access to these lanes free of charge and without mandatory transponders or preregistration. Only non-carpools are mandated to have a transponder and are charged dynamic congestion-based tolls.

  • I-15 Express Lanes, San Diego County
  • VTA Express Lanes, Santa Clara County
  • I-580, I-680 Express Lanes, Alameda County
  • I-15 Express Lanes, Utah County, UT
  • I-25 E-Express Lanes, Denver, CO
  • MnPASS Express Lanes, Minneapolis, MN
  • SR-167 HOT Lanes, Seattle, WA

Facts and statistics of why The Transit Coalition supports free non-transponder carpooling in toll lanes.

The Transit Coalition is not affiliated with any public entity or private organization.
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