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Goals & Accomplishments

Accomplishments of The Transit Coalition
Measure R, LA County Transportation Funding Initiative
  1. Made contributions in writing specific bill language
  2. PowerPoint What is Transit? was utilized to educate and advocate to environmental, business and labor groups and their leaders about various transit modes.
  3. Worked closely with Denny Zane to set up initial transportation funding conference and other subgroup events over the year that lead to the Measure R campaign
  4. Contributed printing to Measure R campaign for volunteer group outreach
  5. Weekly series of Editorial campaign articles in City Watch influencing conservatives
  6. Multiple public speaking engagements to support Measure R
CA High Speed Rail, Statewide Proposition 1A
  1. Served as proponent on TV as spokesperson for Prop. 1A on Channel 35
  2. Obtained Sierra Club California Pro Position Endorsement
  3. Public appearances before various groups such as Neighborhood Councils, Valley Vote and The Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley
  4. Continuing conversation with elected officials to fund ready to go projects
  5. Meetings in Sacramento to obtain authorizing legislation including governor's staff
  6. Critical projects supported:
    1. LA Union Station Run Through Tracks
    2. LOSSAN corridor grade separations (6) between LA and Buena Park
    3. Palmdale to Via Princessa track realignment (straightening) to increase train operating speeds
    4. Palmdale to Sylmar passing tracks
    5. San Fernando Road Bikeway and Crossing Improvements
    6. Double Track installation to Chatsworth
Transportation 4 America Campaign (Stimulus and Authorization Projects)
  1. Meetings in district offices with 10 Members of Congress and Staff in Southern California
  2. Meetings in district offices with Staff of U.S. Senators
  3. Meetings in Washington, DC with Senate and House Members and Staff
  4. Meetings in Los Angeles with State Senators and Assemblymembers
  5. Meetings in Sacramento with Electeds and Staff
Metrolink Peer Review Safety Panel
  1. Appointed as Passenger Representative to panel
  2. Worked with panel as a team member to recommend safety enhancements
  3. Worked with community to request street / track / sidewalk safety upgrades
Metro Bus Service Removal Campaign
  1. Brought community to public hearings to protest 200,000 hours of service reductions
  2. Protected Owl Service Reductions
  3. Increased Bus Service on Venice Blvd. via workshop and public motion
    1. Limited Stop Bus Service increase
    2. Owl Bus Service increase
State Transit Funding Cuts Campaign
  1. Testified before elected officials
  2. Sent website and email notices
  3. Major Service cuts coming fiscal year 09-10 due to state transit assistance removal
Additional Accomplishments

  • Supported the Friends 4 Expo Transit work that brought approval of the Exposition light rail line.

  • Advocated increased bus service, new routes, additional service hours in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles through the Metro Service Sector Councils.

  • Met with elected officials and their staff in Washington DC, Sacramento and Southern California to discuss transportation funding.

  • Testified on a continuing basis before Metro, Metrolink and OCTA Board of Directors and at public meetings regarding various transportation issues.

  • Public outreach programs for Expo light rail and other large public events such as Festival of Books, Alt. Car Expo, Mobility 21, Metro service hearings and the Gold and Orange Line openings.

The Transit Coalition is not affiliated with any public entity or private organization.
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