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Spend more time with your children

Good parenting is vital for robust transit

A Better Inland Empire's emblem features a family prospering in a clean and economically robust Inland Empire. The logo shows that we want Riverside and San Bernardino counties and all of its communities to be a robust place to get around, live, work, and play--not only for our generation, but for our children and youth as well.

Inland Empire parents are ecouraged to resolve to take full responsibility of their children and youth to keep them out of the gang, crime and drug cultures. Parents and guardians should be their leader, protector and their provider. We call on those who are raising children to spend more time with them and be with them throughout their lives. Teach them to honor righteous authority through proper discipline. Be a mentor for a child who lacks caring parents, especially to children who lack fathers. Work smartly to provide for the needs of these children so they can grow up, learn the skills to compete in the American marketplace, and become responsible and selfless leaders when they assume a position of authority.

Negative impacts of the lack of good parenting

One fact that absolutely cannot be overlooked as a primary source of youth-related crimes is the lack of involved families, especially from the father. The evidence is overwhelming. Professionals in this field have yielded alarming facts. There is positively no question that children who grow up in homes without caring parents, especially from the father, have a much greater risk of encountering serious problems as teenagers and adults since they grow up without discipline and motivation in their homes. Our transit fleets and the people who use them deserve to be in a robust state, not mired in crime or vandalism. What good are all the buses and the trains in the world when the communities they serve are mired in a culture of preventable youth-related crimes, drug abuse, and gang violence?

Get Involved!

The Transit Coalition is an entirely grassroots campaign, supported by the time and resources given by concerned citizens. With your support, you help us with our research on how stopping crime and transit advocacy are tied together.

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