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Metrolink Max

Increased, Corridor based IE Rail Service

The Inland Empire and Southern California continue to lag in making Metrolink more convenient to the passenger. To the west, Orange County will have Metrolink trains running every 30 minutes within the next few years. With some modest track improvements, the same kind of service can be brought to the Inland Empire, San Fernando Valley, Downtown L.A. San Gabriel Valley and southeast L.A. County.

The Transit Coalition aims to increase combined Metrolink train and potential future Class One high speed intercity service frequencies to approximately 30 minutes between trains, including late at night and weekends, through our Metrolink MAX campaign with through service at L.A. Union Station. Imagine having a fast, reliable, cost-effective and productive regional public rail system all throughout Southern California. This can be a reality with your help!

Metrolink Simplified Network

The plan is simple; Metrolink can increase revenue by changing from a "segment" system to a "corridor" system. Instead of having all routes begin and end in Union Station the segments are combined to create larger corridors. The segments that currently end in Oceanside and Montalvo would be combined as would the current red, green and blue segments. Basically, the lines would continue through Union Station after a stop instead of just terminating there.

Metrolink MAX would yield many great benefits that cannot be attained while Metrolink service remains segmented and rush-hour-oriented.

Get Involved!

The Transit Coalition is an entirely grassroots campaign, supported by the time and resources given by concerned citizens. With your support, you can help us make 30 minute intercity and regional rail service a reality!

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