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ACTION ALERT: Stop the Metrolink SB Line Cuts! - Transit Talking Points
Contact your local elected official sitting on the Metrolink and SANBAG Boards and demand real solutions to a funding dispute that has put the Metrolink San Bernardino Line is into fiscal trouble, threatening midday trains 310 and 327, and late evening/night trains 338 and 339. Corridor-based rail service has proven to maximize regional rail productivity.
Stop the Cuts... | Metrolink MAX Campaign

10/29/2014: Smarter Smart Growth - Transit Talking Points
Critics have long questioned smart growth principles, but long distance commuting and traffic congestion continue to plague Inland Southern California. Is growing Inland business and good jobs here at home and improving housing choices in LA and Orange County really "Agenda 21" or are they actually fact-based solutions that can actually cut down on long drives to work? We'll have a multiple part blog series on Inland Empire smart growth without the ideology. Here's a preview.

10/24/2014: Troubles over RTA's 10 Year Network Plans - Riding in Riverside
The Riding in Riverside transit blog pretty much agrees with The Transit Coalition regarding the point that bus transit service in downtown Riverside should follow the hub-and-spoke design model with each line passing through the proposed Vine Street Transit Center at the Riverside Downtown Metrolink Station. Check out why decentralized-grid bus service may be bad for Riverside.

10/20/2014: Want to catch a flight out of Ontario instead of LAX? - Transit Talking Points
The City of Los Angeles World Airports and its current airline policies at the Ontario Airport are failing. ONT continues to lose passengers each year while LAX thrives. How can ONT's decline be reversed so Inland travellers don't have to drive long distances to catch a plane? Fasten your seatbelts for this discussion.

10/13/2014: The Transit Coalition releases its view of RTA's 10 Year Proposed Transit Plan - Transit Talking Points
The Transit Coalition has released its positions for the proposed Riverside Transit Agency 10 Year Transit Plan. Check it out.

10/1/2014: How Political Correctness weakens Fact-Based Debates - Alpern at Large
Coalition Chair Kenneth Alpern explains how ideologues use political correctness to lodge smears against those who don't agree with their views. Those involved in fact-based discussions, take note.

09/17/2014: 'Grid-and-Spoke' Bus Service in Downtown Riverside? - Transit Talking Points
That appears to be the proposal but only RTA Routes 1 and 16 have the frequencies to guarantee short transfer wait times under this routing design model. How will such layovers be impacted if up to two transfers are required to get between the downtown Metrolink train station and other nearby destinations served by RTA buses like UC Riverside? Don't miss this one.

09/15/2014: Getting between Wildomar and Murrieta by Bus - Transit Talking Points
RTA has big improvements planned for two popular contract-operated bus routes that circulate around Lake Elsinore. But how will that affect direct connections between central Wildomar and north Murrieta? Let's take a look.

09/10/2014: Fixing Southwest Riverside County Circuitous Bus Service - Transit Talking Points
This campaign has been on the Coalition's books for years and now we have an official solution. RTA has proposed more streamlined bus hub-and-spoke routing so that it won't take hours to travel between Temecula, Murrieta, and points north. Check out the preview and post your comments.

09/08/2014: The Truth about the Metrolink Ridership drop - Transit Talking Points
The press has had their day of hitting the railroad hard over a decline of about 600,000 riders since 2008, but didn't Metrolink post some gains in 2012 and 2013? We have the truth of the matter and how it can be fixed. Let's debate.

09/03/2014: Improving Downtown Riverside Mass Transit - Transit Talking Points
Riverside officials desire a downtown transit station at the Metrolink station, but why are several bus routes not proposed to stop or pass through there? How will this affect connectivity and Metrolink transfers?

08/29/2014: Politics: Jumping Sharks! - Alpern at Large
Remember the days when the state government lived within its means and not squandered our money to the special interests? The Transit Coalition Chair Kenneth Alpern weighs in.

08/11/2014: Controlling Mass Development in Rural San Diego County - Transit Talking Points
Meadowood and Lilac Hills Ranch are two master plans proposed in the hills in between Temecula and Escondido. What needs to be done to prevent this segment of the I-15 from becoming the jammed 91?

08/06/2014: I-405 Toll Lanes proposed - Transit Talking Points
Caltrans has proposed adding toll lanes to the I-405 through west Orange County, sparking intense opposition from some city bodies. How can we solve this mobility issue in OC in a fair manner?

08/05/2014: How one can take a wrong turn at the San Ysidro Mexican Border - Transit Talking Points
A US combat veteran diagnosed with PTSD continues to be incarcerated in a Mexican jail over trivial weapons charges all for taking a wrong turn into Mexico. Several commentators say such a wrong turn was impossible with all the road signs along the I-5. We'll show you the reasonable doubts.

07/21/2014: ACTION ALERT: Stop the Metrolink SB Line Cuts! - Transit Talking Points
Contact your local elected official sitting on the Metrolink and SANBAG Boards and demand real solutions to a funding dispute that has put the Metrolink San Bernardino Line is into fiscal trouble, threatening midday trains 310 and 327, and late evening/night trains 338 and 339.

07/15/2014: News on Statewide Transportation Bills - Streetblog LA
New transportation-related bills were making their way through in Sacramento and one of them gives LA officials the green light to convert the Metro Orange Line BRT into light rail. Whether that’s good or bad is up for debate!

07/14/2014: Addressing the Central American Migration issue and Intercity Transit - Transit Talking Points
The Central American migration crisis hit home earlier this month as immigrants were processed in Murrieta and sent forth to their final destination aboard intercity transit services. How will this impact our system?

06/16/2014: Should RTA really use a grid-based routing design in Riverside? - Transit Talking Points
RTA should generally keep its routing design as hub-and-spoke to maintain timed transfers and short wait times at transit centers since the vast majority of bus routes operate less than one bus every 15 minutes.

06/09/2014: SB 1077--The Transportation Taxman is not backing away - Transit Talking Points
The state and federal government continue to say that fuel taxes are not collecting enough revenue and a new state bill will explore a new vehicle-mileage fee, but we still have severe problems of government overspending and special interest pandering which continues to obstruct our mission of getting Southern California moving. Some straight-talk on this bill.

06/03/2014: New Statewide Bills Introduced for Transportation - Streetblog LA
Several new transportation-related bills were introduced at Sacramento. Just how will they address our transit and infrastructure problems? Don't miss this Streetblog LA report.

05/28/2014: Disgraceful Injustices over Wrong Turns at the Border - Transit Talking Points
Poor transportation signage along the I-5 freeway at the border and a corrupt government in Mexico has landed an innocent veteran into Mexican jail as his car had registered weapons. In 2012, an Arizona-bound truck driver experienced the same horror after getting lost in El Paso Texas during an ammunition delivery. Why does this continue to innocent U.S. citizens?

05/26/2014: Keeping our transit systems and infrastructure free from crime and vandalism - Transit Talking Points
We have to protect our cities, buses and trains from graffiti and gang violence with strong enforcement but why do some troubled youth embrace the criminal culture in the first place? Learn how officials can get to the bottom of this social injustice.

05/20/2014: Cap & Trade and HSR Public Debate - Streetblog LA
Gov. Jerry Brown would like to use Cap & Trade funds for high speed rail. Sen. Steinberg wants it to go toward affordable transit-oriented development. Streetblog LA has a report on this.

05/19/2014: Success is on its way for the sbX BRT System - Transit Talking Points
Transit critics are calling the sbX government waste all because preliminary ridership figures are light, but do they understand that Omnitrans and SANBAG have big plans to address this very solvable problem?

05/13/2014: Transit Attention-deficit Syndrome - Alpern at Large / CityWatch
Transit Coalition Chair Ken Alpern reports on some reasons why so many people are distracted from engaging in the welfare of our transit system and the region in general. Don't miss this one!

04/17/2014: sbX Launch Date Set - Riding in Riverside
It's finally happening! San Bernardino's sbX BRT system has finished construction and is in the testing phase. Service opens to the public on April 28th, and rides will be free for the first week!

04/16/2014: CA High Speed Rail: $131M/Mile. Texas Central Railway HSR: $41.7M/Mile! - Transit Talking Points
Why hasn't Governor Jerry Brown put together a campaign that addresses the artificially inflated cost issue at the state level very specifically?

04/11/2014: Had enough of the OPEC Oligopoly and High Gas Prices? - Transit Talking Points
Every American wanting to be free from the power grip of oil should support clean new innovations to move people.

04/09/2014: Record Fuel Taxes, yet a Broke Highway Trust Fund - Transit Talking Points
The truth behind the federal shortfall and how government misspending obstructs our surface transit systems. Why does this continue?

03/14/2014: Omnitrans Proposed Fare Hikes - Transit Talking Points
It's better than service cuts...But what caused Omnitrans to go $12.8 million into the red?

03/11/2014: Leaving the Holding Pattern - Riding in Riverside
This blog began during a time of massive service cuts, attacks on Greyhound, and other myrid threats to local alternative transportation. Since then, I've been able to report moderately good news in the cycling department, as Riverside's city government has become more bicycle-aware....With RTA's upcoming May service changes, there are still more (mild) improvements on the way.

03/04/2014: RTA Transit Improvements in Store - Transit Talking Points
Thanks to JARC funding, RTA will be able to roll out some long overdue transit improvements. Much more will be needed.

02/28/2014: 'Yes' to High Speed Rail! 'No' to Government Waste! - Transit Talking Points
Do you generally support high speed trains? Do you flat out oppose government waste as demonstrated by the state? Some straight-talk of how California can get high speed rail done right...

02/17/2014: French Valley Parkway Phase I: Was there some built-in obsolescence in its infrastructure? - Transit Talking Points
Do we have yet another example of government waste? This one involves temporary short-term infrastructure and barriers built with non-portable, permanent materials designed to last for several decades for Temecula's French Valley Parkway.

02/07/2014: Are fare increases really racist? - Transit Talking Points
LA's Bus Rider's Union is objecting to LA Metro's proposed fare hikes, once again citing racial and class discrimination. We're going to offer some straight-talk about fare hikes and race to its 50,000 supporters...

02/04/2014: Downtown from the Air - Riding in Riverside
In this striking aerial footage taken downtown, you can see both some of the city's best features, as well as the pervasive presence of huge roads and parking lots.

01/31/2014: Unjustified Bay Area Shuttle Bus Protests - Transit Talking Points
Are tech employees working for Google, Adobe, and eBay really responsible for the job-to-housing imbalance causing inflated rental prices in San Francisco? Residents demonstrated against Silicon Valley employees moving in by obstructing their shuttle buses.

01/29/2014: The Perris Valley Line and Southwest Riverside County - Transit Talking Points
How can citizens living in Temecula and Murrieta benefit from the Perris Valley Line. We explore.

01/22/2014: RTA Bus Rapid Transit...What the Freak? - Riding in Riverside
There were some details about the forthcoming Route 1 Limited, the lukewarm successor to the previously-proposed RapidLink project from nearly a decade ago.

12/10/2013: Toll Lanes: Moving people or more government money? - Transit Talking Points
Have toll lane proposals in the Inland Empire turned into a debate about money instead of moving people?

11/30/2013: Driving as status - Riding in Riverside
One of the biggest categories of status consumption and differentiation is the car. Cars are heavily differentiated on status-- even those of us who don't drive are constantly indoctrinated into the relative worth and value of a BMW over a Honda, or even the petty distinctions between, say, the Mercedes C class and E class.

11/25/2013: Seeking Freedom! - Transit Talking Points
It may look like a debate between jobs and the environment on the surface, but is that the case in Moreno Valley? The conflict between a group of concerned citizens and the special interests could really be more about freedom and giving the republic back to the people.

11/21/2013: Reviewing the new RTA Buses - Riding in Riverside
So the new Gillig buses have been rolling around Riverside County for a little bit, and I figure I'd best put out a review for the curious. Overall, they're still buses, but there are a few little improvements that will undoubtedly make life better for straphangers.

11/21/2013: Robust and Safe Complete Streets in Moreno Valley - Transit Talking Points
Can Moreno Valley really become a place "Where Dreams Soar?" See how two streets can be revitalized.

11/20/2013: Bus complaint in the Press Enterprise - Transit Talking Points
Is RTA really poor at serving our transit needs? How can we make it better?

11/18/2013: Sprawl! - Transit Talking Points
Logistics is growing and we can use the job growth. However, the World Logistics Center crosses the line.

11/12/2013: Robust Debate for the Riverside Reconnects Streetcar - Transit Talking Points
For Riverside Reconnects to work, it will need to be done right and coordinated with the Riverside Transit Agency. The finished product must not duplicate existing RTA bus service, proposed bus rapid transit, nor obstruct existing traffic flow.

11/07/2013: The I-405 Toll Lane Money Fountain - Transit Talking Points
Is OCTA citing a revenue shortfall against a solution that actually worked in San Diego County?

11/07/2013: Riverside Reconnects Demo - Riding in Riverside
It seems like there's momentum behind this streetcar thing. It's up to us advocates to make sure that it is developed into a real transportation alternative, rather than an expensive toy that's more symbolic than transformative.

11/06/2013: Lesson on Tax Initiatives: It’s Not How Much They Cost, It’s How They’re Spent - Ken Alpern/LA City Watch
It shouldn't be that hard to figure out how to enamor, and how to infuriate, voters when it comes to public investments--be they Angelenos, Californians, Americans or anyone else.

11/04/2013: Additional intermediate access points for the 91 Express Lanes through Corona - Transit Talking Points
The Transit Coalition has been advocating for additional intermediate access points and direct access ramps for the 91 Express Lanes. This is to provide the rapid express bus and carpool transit infrastructure to encourage ridesharing in the high occupancy lanes.

11/01/2013: Veterans Day Service - Riverside Transit Agency
This month, RTA salutes all veterans who served our country with honor and distinction. On Veterans Day, Monday, November 11, buses will operate regular service.

10/31/2013: Peak hour sobriety checkpoint chaos in Temecula - Transit Talking Points
Thousands of motorists and RTA's bus Route 24 ran into frustrating traffic congestion and gridlock along Temecula surface streets at the tail end of the morning rush hour commute caused by a SigAlert and a Wednesday morning DUI checkpoint.

10/30/2013: Orange County: Anger brewing with proposed I-405 toll lanes - Transit Talking Points
OCTA is looking at converting the existing 2+ carpool lane into dual 3+ high occupancy tolled express lanes each way. The HOV-to-HOT conversion has caused major public backlash at the local level with city governing bodies getting involved.

10/26/2013: No Tolerance for Fraud: Stamping out workers' compensation schemes - Riverside Transit Agency
RTA employee arrested for suspicion of faking on-the-job injuries.

10/14/2013: How two cities are addressing Inland Empire logistics growth - Transit Talking Points
For the past few years, the Inland Empire has been experiencing an economic boom in the logistics sector, providing thousands of private sector entry-level and independent trucking jobs.

10/14/2013: The (Belated) IE Transit Challenge, Part 3: Work - Riding in Riverside
Okay, so if you've been following along, you now have some idea of where your local bus stops are, what routes serve them, and what role those routes play in the larger transit network. Let's try and put some of that knowledge to use, shall we?

10/10/2013: Carpool Lane Congestion and RCTC's Interstate 15 Corridor Improvement Project - Transit Talking Points
Southern California's carpool lanes may appear to be dated given noticeable peak hour congestion, but that is no reason to simply do away with the system.

10/10/2013: Goings-on in Government - Riding in Riverside
Several things are happening in the City that urbanists should be happy about.

08/23/2013: Spend more time with your children
What good does all the buses and trains in the world do if a significant portion of our next generation lacks the will to compete in the marketplace and gets involves in crime and gang violence?

08/22/2013: What the heck is going on in Moreno Valley?
What's happening in a city "where dreams soar?" Are officials placing The World Logistics Center ahead of the people? Fed up residents protest.

08/21/2013: What happens to transit when the U.S. Department of Labor bows to labor unions?
There is absolutely no logical reason to hold federal transit funding--let alone transit riders--hostage in the name of "worker's rights." It's time for Congress and President Obama to lead us out of this federal fiscal fiasco.

08/20/2013: Another reason why Toll Lane Congestion Pricing should be real-time
Tolls for non-carpools along the 91 Express Lanes and LA's Metro ExpressLanes are often on the high side even when the general purpose lanes are free flowing. Why is that so? University of Minnesota researchers explain:

08/19/2013: Debating the Riverside Reconnects Streetcar Project
The proposal has brought on some robust debate in the public arena and the community has been making many valid points, both in favor and opposed. A fact-based analysis:

08/15/2013: Getting around the excuse-making with the 91 Express Lanes extension
Getting the 91 freeway corridor moving between the Inland Empire and Orange County has been a challenge for the last two decades, but what's the hold up on fixing it? Some straight talk on the Corona Crawl:

08/12/2013: Special interests obstructing RTA and Omnitrans transit
Under heavy pressure from informed Californians to control wasteful government spending, overpaid pubic employee salaries, and unfunded retirement benefits, special interest groups are becoming desperate and turning toward trivial means to maintain the status quo.

08/01/2013: Inland Empire transit and California government waste
The Transit Coalition's future vision of mass transit in the Inland Empire is not an unaffordable dream. It could be a welcoming reality if officials from the local, state, and federal level work together to control unnecessary government waste.

07/31/2013: A decline in carpooling on Los Angeles toll lanes
The Transit Coalition would like to reiterate its position on high occupancy toll lanes: We generally support congestion pricing, but toll lanes need free non-transponder carpooling. What is happening in Los Angeles clearly shows why.

07/29/2013: Traffic Trouble in Temecula and the state
The state must stop displacing transportation funds and gas tax revenue to other special interest programs to get Temecula's highways into a stable state.

07/23/2013: Examining the Metrolink Perris Valley Line lawsuit settlement
Let's take a look at the $3 million settlement and where that taxpayer money is headed.

05/20/2013: An abuse of environmetal law to further delay the Perris Valley Line
Is the State of California really becoming a puritanical state? View Here.

05/17/2013: Demand the State of California for a business-friendly tax code
The state must get the private sector back to growing the economy of the state and ensure our tax money is making it to our transportation infrastructure. View Here.

05/13/2013: Going over RTA's 2014-2016 Short Range Transit Plan
RTA proposes late night bus service, holiday service, and closing transit gaps between regions. View Here.

05/06/2013: Does Riverside County really need to go into massive debt to fund the 91 Express Lanes extension?
Why is less and less state transportation tax money making it to the 91? View Here.

05/02/2013: Comparing the Perris Valley Line lawsuit with the Villages of Lakeview case
Are the CEQA lawsuits in Riverside County really about the environment or NIMBY opposition? View Here.

05/01/2013: More Toll Lane Madness in Los Angeles
Are taxpayers paying for government officials to drive alone in LA high occupancy toll lanes? View Here.

04/23/2013: Toll Lanes: What the press needs to question
If LA Metro wants the HOT ExpressLanes to cut down on I-110 commute times, they need to get the displaced HOV's out of the general purpose lanes and back into the high occupancy lanes. View Here.

04/18/2013: The Future Vision of the Interstate 40 Corridor through the Mojave Desert
What does the future hold for a historic route through the high desert region? View Here.

04/11/2013: Addressing the Perris Valley Lawsuit ruling
Allowing judges to overturn green-transportation projects just because NIMBY groups oppose them must be fixed. View Here.

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