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As the Inland Empire's grassroots transit advocacy group, The Transit Coalition's A Better Inland Empire project is dedicated to advocate for the development of a safe, fast, cost effective and environmentally sound multi-modal transportation network all around the Inland Empire and connecting regions powered by productive public transit agencies and a robust private market.

As a grass roots group, we depend upon your contributions to allow us to pursue our important work. Add yourself to our mailing list and please donate to help our cause. Visit our transit blogs for the latest dialogue on transit.

Inland Empire Transit Spotlight:

ACTION ALERT: Stop the Metrolink SB Line Cuts! - Transit Talking Points
Contact your local elected official sitting on the Metrolink and SANBAG Boards and demand real solutions to a funding dispute that has put the Metrolink San Bernardino Line is into fiscal trouble, causing midday trains 310 and 327, and late evening/night trains 338 and 339 to be cancelled. Corridor-based rail service has proven to maximize regional rail productivity.
Stop the Cuts... | Metrolink MAX Campaign

10/29/2014: Smarter Smart Growth - Transit Talking Points
Critics have long questioned smart growth principles, but long distance commuting and traffic congestion continue to plague Inland Southern California. Is growing Inland business and good jobs here at home and improving housing choices in LA and Orange County really "Agenda 21" or are they actually fact-based solutions that can actually cut down on long drives to work? We'll have a multiple part blog series on Inland Empire smart growth without the ideology. Here's a preview.

10/24/2014: Troubles over RTA's 10 Year Network Plans - Riding in Riverside
The Riding in Riverside transit blog pretty much agrees with The Transit Coalition regarding the point that bus transit service in downtown Riverside should follow the hub-and-spoke design model with each line passing through the proposed Vine Street Transit Center at the Riverside Downtown Metrolink Station. Check out why decentralized-grid bus service may be bad for Riverside.

10/20/2014: Want to catch a flight out of Ontario instead of LAX? - Transit Talking Points
The City of Los Angeles World Airports and its current airline policies at the Ontario Airport are failing. ONT continues to lose passengers each year while LAX thrives. How can ONT's decline be reversed so Inland travellers don't have to drive long distances to catch a plane? Fasten your seatbelts for this discussion.

10/13/2014: The Transit Coalition releases its view of RTA's 10 Year Proposed Transit Plan - Transit Talking Points
The Transit Coalition has released its positions for the proposed Riverside Transit Agency 10 Year Transit Plan. Check it out.

10/1/2014: How Political Correctness weakens Fact-Based Debates - Alpern at Large
Coalition Chair Kenneth Alpern explains how ideologues use political correctness to lodge smears against those who don't agree with their views. Those involved in fact-based discussions, take note.

09/17/2014: 'Grid-and-Spoke' Bus Service in Downtown Riverside? - Transit Talking Points
That appears to be the proposal but only RTA Routes 1 and 16 have the frequencies to guarantee short transfer wait times under this routing design model. How will such layovers be impacted if up to two transfers are required to get between the downtown Metrolink train station and other nearby destinations served by RTA buses like UC Riverside? Don't miss this one.


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