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As the Inland Empire's grassroots transit advocacy group, The Transit Coalition's A Better Inland Empire project is dedicated to advocate for the development of a safe, fast, cost effective and environmentally sound multi-modal transportation network all around the Inland Empire and connecting regions powered by productive public transit agencies and a robust private market.

As a grass roots group, we depend upon your contributions to allow us to pursue our important work. Add yourself to our mailing list and please donate to help our cause. Visit our transit blogs for the latest dialogue on transit.

Inland Empire Transit Spotlight:

07/21/2014: ACTION ALERT: Stop the Metrolink SB Line Cuts! - Transit Talking Points
Contact your local elected official sitting on the Metrolink and SANBAG Boards and demand real solutions to a funding dispute that has put the Metrolink San Bernardino Line is into fiscal trouble, threatening midday trains 310 and 327, and late evening/night trains 338 and 339.

07/15/2014: News on Statewide Transportation Bills - Streetblog LA
New transportation-related bills were making their way through in Sacramento and one of them gives LA officials the green light to convert the Metro Orange Line BRT into light rail. Whether that’s good or bad is up for debate!

07/14/2014: Addressing the Central American Migration issue and Intercity Transit - Transit Talking Points
The Central American migration crisis hit home earlier this month as immigrants were processed in Murrieta and sent forth to their final destination aboard intercity transit services. How will this impact our system?

06/16/2014: Should RTA really use a grid-based routing design in Riverside? - Transit Talking Points
RTA should generally keep its routing design as hub-and-spoke to maintain timed transfers and short wait times at transit centers since the vast majority of bus routes operate less than one bus every 15 minutes.

06/09/2014: SB 1077--The Transportation Taxman is not backing away - Transit Talking Points
The state and federal government continue to say that fuel taxes are not collecting enough revenue and a new state bill will explore a new vehicle-mileage fee, but we still have severe problems of government overspending and special interest pandering which continues to obstruct our mission of getting Southern California moving. Some straight-talk on this bill.

05/28/2014: Disgraceful Humanitarian Injustices over Wrong Turns at the Border - Transit Talking Points
Poor transportation signage along the I-5 freeway at the border and a corrupt government in Mexico has landed an innocent veteran into Mexican jail as his car had registered weapons. In 2012, an Arizona-bound truck driver experienced the same horror after getting lost in El Paso Texas during an ammunition delivery. Why does this continue to innocent U.S. citizens?


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